Creativity is not a talent it is a way of operating.
— John Cleese

Artist Statement

Narrative is a powerful tool to invoke emotion; it tells a story, and gives the viewer relatable subject matter, with the potential to involve the viewer on a personal level. While some of my art focuses on, or tells a story, narrative has continuously interested me as a person; it is why my work embodies a narrative style. The genre of film has also had a major influence on my artwork. The way a film is composed and the depth of information that can be visually communicated to the audience beyond the first impressions of those images placed on the screen has inspired the way that I think about the picture plane. Along with film I have always been interested in graphic novels and the way a graphic novel tells a story through a sequence of images.  My work has evolved from a focus on sequential art and my interest in telling a story through this vehicle to the use of singular images that can convey the same amount of information. A single image can tell a story through design, figurative gesture, lighting, or physical expression. I  now focus more on design and what details I want the audience to see in order to tell a story. In my work I use value to place emphasis and draw the eye to a focal point. Using linear treatment to achieve atmospheric effects provide a place for the eye to rest within the piece. The details in each piece are placed there to tell the story and involve the viewer giving them something to investigate. My images are created using primarily a brush and India Ink, but also contain the use of other inking tools such as pigment liners and crow-quill dip pens to create graphic black and white images. Line is something that intrigues me: using line with value creates a visual effect that neither can achieve alone. In my art I investigate this either by using a lack of value to show distance or place emphasis on a character using condensed detail and value. Telling a story through the use of line and value continues to interest me and influence my art.